Changes to Riverside Drive

Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council
meeting Tuesday, June 23, 7:00 pm
via Zoom

Plans are being made regarding changes to Riverside Drive, including bicycle safety lanes and bus stops. Please join this online meeting to express your views on these improvements.

Check the GTLNC.Org website for information.

The Zoom meeting ID is:   941 7068 4328
Link for the meeting:  https://zoom.us/j/94170684328

Mobility Plan Documents for Toluca Lake

Below is a link to the draft minutes from part 2 of the last GTLNC board meeting. The discussion regarding this motion starts on page 25. It’s important to highlight that these are only the draft minutes and haven’t been approved yet by the board. There might be some adjustments or corrections after the board has a chance to review them and provide feedback.

Below are excerpts from the 2035 Mobility Plan and its reference document the Complete Streets Design Guide. These documents are quite long, so these pages are those that pertain to Toluca Lake. 

These are the links for the full documents for those who want them for reference: 

Kari Negri-Donatelli
TLHOA President

At last month’s GTLNC Board meeting there was a Motion to approve the City’s “ADAPT” program and 2035 Mobility Plan.  The motion is listed below:  

  • MOTION N: To approve the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council’s statement requesting that the “ADAPT” (Adjusted Deployment to Accelerate Paving in High Traffic Corridors) program implement the 2035 mobility plan on the streets already scheduled for repairing.
      • Amendment Failed –  6/9/0
      • Motion Passed – 10/4/1

Below are some important items to note with this approval (full text is attached):

StreetsLA’s “ADAPT” program and the 2035 Mobility Plan

  • Whereas the Los Angeles City Council adopted a “2035 Mobility Plan” in 2015; 
  • Whereas the City’s normal modus operandi is to implement street reconfigurations (such as adding bike or bus lanes) while repaving a street; 
  •  Whereas the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is responsible for striping the street and therefore chooses how the space is used 
  •  Whereas it is expensive to the taxpayer and unrealistic to expect the city will return to add bus and bike lanes that were recently striped unless they need to be repaved
  • Whereas Mayor Eric Garcetti issued Executive Directive on February 10, 2020, instructing city departments to “deliver more and better bus transit” “activate streets” with more active transportation options and “prioritize the Right-of-Way” fulfilling commitments under L.A.’s Green New Deal; 
  • Whereas bike lanes could provide a post COVID-19 alternative to people fearful of transit; 
  • Whereas a comprehensive bus lane and bike lane network would provide a healthy, efficient, traffic reducing and climate change friendly alternative to single vehicle occupancy; 
  • Therefore be it resolved that the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council requests that the City implement the 2035 Mobility Plan (including any bus or bike lanes as specified in the plan) when repaving streets under the ADAPT program (and after the ADAPT program), or delay such repaving until such a time that the 2035 Mobility Plan can be implemented. 

This is a Community Impact Statement, the strongest overture the GTLNC can send to the LA City Council, meant to demonstrate community support for a pending City Council Motion.   This is an approval of the 2035 Mobility Plan.

As there have not been comprehensive community discussions, forum(s), or a survey on the 2035 Mobilty Plan prior to this vote, it would seem reasonble that this topic merits more discussion with our community.  We should solicit feedback on the propsed 2035 Mobility Plan improvements, specifically on Riverside Drive, before we indicate to the CIty to implement the plan.

GTLNC Vote Reconsideration Option

There is a formal process to request a vote be reconsidered by the GTLNC; see below an excerpt from GTLNC Bylaws regarding “Reconsideration”. (https://www.gtlnc.org/bylaws/).  

Article VIII Section 4, for Reconsideration, the GTLNC Bylaws, which is the governing document for this NC on conducting their meeting for reconsideration, states the following:

Any stakeholder may petition the Council to reconsider any matter on which the Council has previously taken an action. The petition must be submitted to the Council in writing prior to the regular meeting of the Council next following the meeting at which the Council action was taken. The petitioning stakeholder shall be afforded an opportunity to address the matter in person before the Council. The matter shall not be reconsidered unless a majority of the Council members vote affirmatively to take up the matter.

If further conversation is desired, a petition must be signed (by 50 individuals) and delivered to the GTLNC President to be placed on the June 16th Agenda.  

***  To be clear, this is NOT a request to reject parts / all of the 2035 Mobility Plan.  This is a request to have a comprehensive community discussion before a vote on a long term plan that will impact our community for years to come is approved.