2021 Annual Meeting Video



Annual Meeting Program 

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021
6:00 – 7:30 PM

6:00 PM Welcome   Kari Negri Donatelli
6:05 PM Introduction of Current Officers & Directors   Kari Negri Donatelli
6:10 PM Introduction of 2021 Slate of Current
& New Directors  &  Vote
  Dana Boyd
6:15 PM Neighborhood Watch & GTLNC   Jason Friedman
6:20 PM Presentation to Outgoing Director’s
Dana Boyd
& Sol Ajalat  
 Adrin Nazarian & Nithya Raman
6:25 PM City Report  Nithya Raman
6:30 PM State Report Adrin Nazarian
6:35 PM NBC/Universal Joy Forbes & Darnell Tyler
6:40 PM ACS  Rob Bado
6:45 PM NHPD  Kurtis Delbar
6:50 PM TL Fire Department Captain Foote
6:55 PM Real Estate Report Scott Morris
7:00 PM Financial Report Brendon Blincoe
7:05 PM Membership Terry Herkner
7:10 PM Fundraisers/Flocking Update Dana Boyd
7:15 PM TLBP Report Ryan Altoon
7:20 PM Garden Club Report Leslie Gores
7:25 PM Chamber Report business report Shannon Hartman
7:30 PM Closing Statements Kari Negri Donatelli

View the video of the meeting.