Airplane Noise

We have heard from many of our Members about the airplane noise from the steady stream of planes taking off from Burbank Airport. They expressed hearing them not only in their yards, but inside of their homes.  The sheer number of flights and the noise level from the proximity of the flights has substantially worsened in the last several months.  At the recent meeting hosted by the SCRA where City Attorney Mike Feuer spoke, there were many Tolucan’s in attendance.  The Studio City residents were quite vocal at this meeting, and have been vocal for some time.  One of the questions raised at the meeting was, “Why did the flight patterns change, and why not change them back to where they were?”
If you are affected by the noise, then it will be important our representatives hear  us loud and clear. That can only help mitigate the problem! 
We encourage our Members affected by airplane noise from the Burbank Airport to write our representatives.  Following is a group email of our representatives to help make our voices heard.
Please also send a cc: to info@tlhoa.org.

You may want to email Dan Elwell at the FAA dan.elwell@faa.gov with a copy to the below representatives.

Raquel.girvin@faa.govclark.desing@faa.gov, carolyne.hogikyan@asm.ca.gov, rob.wilcox@lacity.org

Also know there is an App to file airplane noise complaints…. www.airnoise.io

It should be stated that most are huge fans of our Burbank Airport, as most of us use it on a regular basis, and love its convenience.  The issue is that of the noise from the recently changed flight patterns that adversely affects Toluca Lake.

 Important links relating to noise:

Letter from your TLHOA to the FAA and Representatives
Letter from Congressman Brad Sherman to the FAA
Letter from Ryu, Krekorian and Feuer to the FAA
https://hollywoodburbankairport.com/noise-issues/  (To file noise complaints, track flights, and more important information relating to noise)
https://www.uproarla.org/news “UproarLA is a unified coalition of Los Angeles residents, parents and environmentalists committed to stopping the FAA’s attempt to establish narrow, low altitude flight paths out of and into Burbank Airport over our schools, homes, neighborhoods and the Santa Monica Mountains.”