SB 50 Defeated!

Good News for Toluca Lake Zoning Laws – SB 50 has been defeated!
It may come back at a later date in a modified form.  We will continue to keep you informed.
We appreciate all the letters of opposition from some of our Members, and the efforts of our  sister HOA’s,
including Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana and Valley Village…. all of our efforts made a difference!
Stephen Hampar


 Los Angeles – Today, Senate Bill 50 (SB 50) was shelved  by the Senate Appropriations Committee, bringing debate on the bill to an end for the year. The bill, which would have given greater zoning authority to the State government and wiped out a number of local zoning protections, was unanimously opposed by the Los Angeles City Council in April.

 “The right thing happened in the State Senate today,” Councilmember Ryu said. “There’s no doubt that our State faces a major housing shortage, but draconian steps like SB 50 are the wrong way to go. You don’t solve this crisis by stomping out community input and excluding people from planning their own neighborhood, and you certainly don’t solve it without much more affordable housing.”

 “Solving this housing crisis will take hard choices, but they are choices we should be making together. Last year, Los Angeles built more units of housing than any other City in California. If Sacramento lawmakers want to find real solutions to this crisis, they should be looking to Los Angeles, not trying to ignore or overrule us.”


City Attorney Will Appear at SCRA Meeting

Dear UproarLA Supporters,

Please mark your calendars and join us at the upcoming meeting with City Attorney Mike Feuer, hosted by the Studio City Residents Association!

    • When: May 14, 2019
    • Where: Bridges Academy (3921 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 506-1091)
    • Start Time: Refreshments at 7:00 p.m., meeting at 7:30 p.m.


Numbers matter to politicians and having an extremely large group of concerned constituents attend is critical to furthering our efforts to end these flight paths now.

City Attorney Feuer has committed his support to our community and clearly recognizes this devastating flight path is a significant problem, so please come and let him and his office know you appreciate his hard work. He visited Carpenter School and saw first-hand the endless low altitude fly-overs. He co-authored a letter to the FAA with the Mayor demanding answers to our current suffering. He also assigned a “point-person” on his legal team for this issue and retained nationally recognized aviation specialists as outside counsel.

We must also impress upon him we need his help, right now, because our community is currently suffering from significantly increased low altitude jet incursions over our homes and schools due to Burbank Airport’s OROSZ and SLAPP procedures.

City Attorney Feuer, and the City of LA, must continue to apply significant pressure on the FAA to act without delay and minimize the significant and devastating impacts of current departures while the Environmental Assessment is under way.

Thank you for your continued support!


Thanks for being part of our group and your continued support! Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, we’ll be happy to answer when we can! If you want to be removed, just reply to this email. You can also find out more information or join us in social media (links at the bottom of the email): 

Garry Marshall Theatre Discount for THLOA Members

The Garry Marshall Theatre has offered TLHOA Members a generous discount for their upcoming production of the Tony Award-winning Broadway play LADY DAY AT EMERSON’S BAR & GRILL – A Billie Holiday Story, May 15-June 2.

Over a dozen Billie Holiday hits are interlaced with salty and humorous reminiscences to project a riveting portrait of the lady and her music. 

TLHOA can get tickets for only $39!
For discounted tickets visit: www.garrymarshalltheatre.org/lady-day
Use code BILLIE at checkout.
Restrictions and fees apply. 

The Garry Marshall Theatre presents year-round entertainment for audiences of all types. The critically acclaimed and Ovation Award-winning theatre was founded in 1997 as the Falcon Theatre by Hollywood legend Garry Marshall. Reestablished as the Garry Marshall Theatre in 2017, the theatre continues to produce exciting shows, concerts, and experiences for all ages. 

The Garry Marshall Theatre is a 501C3.  The TLHOA supports our local arts, and nothing is more local than the Garry Marshall Theatre!

GTLNC Board Election

GTLNC Board Election – Thursday, May 16.

ww.VoteTolucaLake.org – This site has been set up to provide information on the candidates and the election.

This election is important as we have 28 candidates running for 14 seats.  This means it is conceivable that we experience 100% turnover on our GTLNC Board.  The GTLNC is lauded as one of the highest-performing and well-functioning Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles (out of 97).  Let’s ensure we keep that momentum going!  

Community Police Academy – May 6th

LAPD is expanding their resources by deploying volunteers wherever possible to free up officers to do what they do best. You can now get trained to volunteer in a variety of capacities. You must be 18 or older, have no felony convictions, outstanding warrants, or pending criminal cases and live or work in the Operations Valley Bureau area. Classes are Mondays for 8 weeks.

For more information contact Officer Rothman 818-664-8140. OVBComm@lapd.online

Welcome Officer Kurtis Delbar as the new Senior Lead Officer for Toluca Lake!

Hello all. I will be the new Senior Lead Officer responsible for 15SLO67. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley. I have been employed with the Los Angeles Police Department for approximately 12 years.  Approximately eight of those years I have been working in North Hollywood Division.  I am very excited to promote a great relationship with the residents in the local area.  In addition, I look forward to working in tandem to create a safe area and improvethe quality of life for all.                                                                      
We are thankful for the 14 years of dedication and service Officer Rob Benavidez has given Toluca Lake, and wish him the best in all future endeavors!

Officer Delbar pictured with the Board at the April Meeting.

Earth Day

Your TLHOA participated in the 2019 Earth Day hosted by the GTLNC. It was a huge success, with big crowds and lots of participants, including local restaurants for the Taste of Toluca. Chase Bank- Riverside and Lankershim.


Speeding in Toluca Lake

Speeding in Toluca Lake 2It has been brought to our attention from several concerned Members about speeding cars and running of stop signs throughout Toluca Lake. We have brought this concern to the City who will address the issue. Of upmost importance is the safety of the residents!

Cookie Cutter Homes

Cookie cutter homesWe have heard concerns over the past few years from some of our members about the new homes being built in Toluca Lake. Toluca Lake historically has been a community of unique and beautiful custom homes It the last few years smaller homes have been razed, with a preponderance of the new homes being built are in the Cape Cod style. Even though the Cape Cod style in itself is a beautiful style, there is concern that at some point there will be a “tract home look” unless there is more variety introduced. Your TLHOA has brought this to the attention of the City, and is working to address it, however there are no rules against it at this time. We will keep you posted!

Toluca Lake Membership App

We have launched the new Membership App for your Smart Phones! You will be receiving an email with details on how to install the app. Note you may include up to four family members to load the App on their phones also, which will allow you to receive exciting discounts from local Toluca Lake Merchants! Thus far we have the following Merchants participating:

AppA la Mutt
Generales and Generales
Les Zazous Music
Pacific Coast Heating and Air Conditioning
Rose and Sage
Strong Body Pilates
Toluca Lake Tennis and Fitness
Randy Wasoff, D.C.

No doubt there will be more Merchants who will be participating….. stay tuned!

Airplane Noise & FAA

Low flying planeToluca Lake Congressman Calls on FAA to Deal with Air Traffic Noise from Van Nuys, Burbank Airports. The issue of airport traffic noise has re-emerged at Van Nuys and Burbank airports and in Valley communities.

Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Sherman Oaks, has called for the Federal Aviation Administration to establish an Aviation Noise Roundtable to deal with air traffic noise in the San Fernando Valley.

Read the Daily News article…


Letter from our City Representatives to the FAA

Download this App. to lodge noise complaints:

Senate Bill 50

sb50highriseThis is a bill proposed by Senator Scott Weiner from San Francisco to address the house shortage. Unfortunately there are a lot of shortcomings in it that are not in the best interest of cohesive neighborhoods. One of its biggest pitfalls is that it will allow dense multifamily apartment building in R1 zoning. In other words, they could build apartments right next to one’s home! It is for reasons such as this that your TLHOA is opposed to this bill, and has joined together with Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, among other local HOA’s in opposition.

TLHOA Opposition Letter 

SB 50 Coalition to Preserve LA Analysis

LA City Council Opposes SB 50 (https://la.curbed.com/2019/4/16/18410879/sb-50-los-angeles-opposition-california-density)
Open the map lined below to see the detrimental effect that SB50 would have on Toluca Lake and greater Los Angeles.  

10063 Riverside Drive

Mixed use Development plans are in the works!

Current Street View

The Owners Representative will be at the May 21st GTLNC Board Meeting to hear from the Community. It is important we attend to voice any concerns!

There are plans to build roughly 38 residential units with ground floor retail, east of Mariota where the Toluca Lake Post Office, UPS Store and Riverside/Red Door are currently located.

Proposed rendering

To hear more about the projects, ask questions and voice your concerns, it is important you attend the upcoming GTLNC Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 21 from 7-9PM, located at Toluca Lake Elementary School, 4840 Caheunga Blvd (Between Camarillo St. and Huston)

Toluca Lake Homeowners Association – Annual Meeting at Honey Baked Ham

On March 14th the TLHOA held its annual meeting with over 100 in attendance. The purpose of the meeting was to update its membership on past and upcoming events, and any new or past issues that affect Toluca Lake. It is also an opportunity to welcome new members, and introduce the Board of Directors.

Most importantly, there were several community leaders who spoke to help enlighten the membership of important topical issues. They included Councilmember David Ryu, Assembymember Adrin Nazarian, Darnell Tyler with NBCUni, Fire Captain Brian Stires, Jason Friedman (Public Safety Chair with the GTLNC) Dana Boyd (President of the TL Garden Club) Ryan Altoon (President of the GTLNC) Kari Negri (Beautification Partners and VP of the TLHOA) Jon Molin (President of the TL Chamber and Realtor with Ramsey Shilling) and Miles Orr who gave the Southwest Valley Community Plan update.

Steve Hampar, TLHOA President, thanked outgoing Board of Director Pam Scharlach for her dedicated service to the Community, as she was recognized by Councilmember Ryu and Assemblymember Nazarian with beautiful certificates.

TLHOA Board (l to r top) Kari Negri (VP) Jay Goldberg, Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian, Pam Scharlach, Councilmember David Ryu, Leah Mangum, Mary Vossler, Ryan Kugler, Dana Boyd, Larry Singer. (l to r kneeling) Beth Eras (Secretary) Steve Hampar (President) Susanne Hayes (Treasurer)
Assemblymember Nazarian and Councilmember Ryu present Certificates of Appreciation to outgoing Director Pam Scharlach
Assemblymember Nazarian and Councilmember Ryu present
Certificates of Appreciation to outgoing Director Pam Scharlach 
arnell Tyler, Director at NBC Universal
Darnell Tyler, Director at NBC Universal

Toluca Lake Homeowners Association presents $7000 check to East Valley PALS!

A special check presentation took place recently at the North Hollywood LAPD, where the proceeds from the TLHOA’s 6th Annual Turkey Trot was donated to the East Valley PALS.


East Valley Pals is a non-profit booster organization for the North Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. They provide financial support for the men and women of the LAPD. It often comes as a surprise to the average Angeleno how difficult it is for the city to pay for some essential equipment, training, and special events. PALS attempts to bridge that gap.

They also encourage, support and sustain LAPD sponsored youth programs within the Division with an emphasis on the Cadet and Jeopardy programs. Just a small sampling of the work PALS has done for the North Hollywood LAPD has been:

  • Paint purchased to repaint some of the rooms at the North Hollywood LAPD.
  • Sponsored the range fees for all officers as part of their annual testing.
  • Sponsored the Narcotic Team to a sponsored seminar on learning how to detect and best practices for dealing with the growing problem of Meth labs in the division.
  • Provided funding for new mattresses for the COT Room.
  • Rewarded deserving six Jeopardy Students who have improved on their school performance with a trip to the Hollywood Hayride at Griffith Park.
  • Provided meals for 50 officers assigned to mandatory training for arrest and control.
  • Z-Ram” bar to help breach fortified doors. Makes quick work of entry for Special Problems Unit.
  • GPS tracker for automobiles. Helps track vehicles under surveillance.
  • GPS tracker for bicycles. Bike thefts are one of the most common property crimes in the East Valley.

And of particular importance to the communities of North Hollywood and Toluca Lake, they participate, support, and strengthen “community policing”, serving as communication conduits between the public and the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Toluca Lake Neighborhood Watch relies heavily on this program! The Toluca Lake Turkey Trot took place on November 18, 2018, and is an annual event. Much of the proceeds and the ultimate success was due in large part to our generous Sponsors who had donated money, coffee and food. They include NBCUniversal, Craig Strong, Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce, Toluca Lake Tennis and Fitness Club, Malbec Restaurant, A5 Events and Hampar Properties.

The North Hollywood Police Dept. has always been there to support and protect Toluca Lake, so this was a great opportunity to give back!

For more information about East Valley PALS (Police Activity League Supporter) you may visit: www.NoHoPALS.com

Councilmember Ryu presents Certificate of Recognition to Dana Boyd 300
Councilmember Ryu presents Certificate of Recognition to Dana Boyd
Click here for more about the 2018 Turkey Trot
Councilmember Ryu presents Certificate of Recognition to Ryan Kugler 300
Councilmember Ryu presents Certificate of Recognition to Ryan Kugler

6th Annual Toluca Lake Turkey Trot raises $7000 for PALS!

After a 2 year hiatus, the 6th Annual Turkey Trot returned with a roar, (Or should I say Gobble!) attracting runners and local families to partake in the festivities. Hosted by the Toluca Lake Homeowners Association, it was decided all proceeds would go towards the East Valley PALS program. East Valley Pals is a non-profit booster organization for the North Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. They provide financial support for the men and women of the LAPD. It often comes as a surprise to the average Angeleno how difficult it is for the city to pay for some essential equipment, training, and special events. PALS attempts to bridge that gap. The North Hollywood Police Dept. has always been there to support Toluca Lake, so this was an opportunity to give back.

We were fortunate to have with us David Ono, Multi-Emmy winning News Anchor for ABC7 Eyewitness News as our Master of Ceremonies. Festivities kicked off (Literally) with a choreographed demonstration by KMA Martial Art kids. Next, trainers from the Toluca Lake Tennis and Fitness Club led the runners to an arsenal of stretches to prep them for the run.

A special sentiment of gratitude goes out to the Turkey Trot Committee, led by Ryan Kugler, who brought immeasurable experience in organizing race events. Dana Boyd and her team were responsible for the Sponsors, which is the heart of the proceeds raised. Beth Eras, Susanne Hayes, Kari Negri, Steve Hampar, Jon Mukri, Mary Vossler, Pam Scharlach, Robyn Allyn and Dianna Buck rounded out the committee. Of course there was Board Member Bob Wexler, our illustrious Turkey Mascot, who seemed to be everywhere during the event. It was possibly the only Turkey Trot in history where the turkey led part of the race on a Segway!

The event could not have been possible without our generous Sponsors who have donated money, coffee and food. They include NBCUniversal, Craig Strong, Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce, Toluca Lake Tennis and Fitness Club, Malbec Restaurant, A5 Events and Hampar Properties. Thank you Councilmember David Ryu and Alice Roth, and Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian for your support and helping to coordinate with the City. Thank you Chase Bank for hosting the event. Thanks to Officer Rob Benavidez, Officer Barbara Galicia, and the cadets for making it a safe run. You are appreciated!

The Toluca Lake Turkey Trot was originally conceived by Toluca Lake resident Piper Welch in 2011, and ran and promoted through the TLHOA. We hope to see you next year as the tradition continues!