Bills You Must Be Aware Of

Hi Everyone,
There are many bills going through the legislature quickly.  I wanted to encourage all of you to read these and make your own decision in sending opposition papers to the senate portal for a couple of them.  This must be done ASAP.
SB 902- allows a local jurisdiction to rezone single-family neighborhoods in job rich areas to allow 10 units on a parcel.  This gives local government the right to do this or not.  We think it’s a bad bill to allow.
SB 1085- allows for more incentives for an increase in the Density Bonus Law.  They feel that the old density law did not incentivize enough developers to build housing so this tries to make it more attractive to do so.
SB 1120-  allows any single-family lots to be subdivided into units that can be no smaller than 1200 sq ft ( 12 ft width) and can be sold off.  This would literally allow for row type housing in single-family neighborhoods.  We think this is awful. We oppose
SB 1385- allows office and retail space to be turned into housing if they are not needed for their original purpose.
SB-3173- allows for micro rental units within apartments of 80 sq ft. in size. In some cases not requiring a kitchen.
AB 3155- Streamlines approval for 10 units on a lot in single-family neighborhoods. We oppose
AB 3040- allows for 4 units on a lot in single-family neighborhoods. We oppose
SB 899-  allows non profits like hospitals or churches to use their property to build affordable housing.
SB 1299-  allows use of abandon department story sites for affordable housing.   
AB 3308- allows school districts to use their land for housing for their own workforce.
We support some of these bills.  Others that open up single-family neighborhoods we have opposed.  It is very important for you to be heard on these issues because the legislature is passing bills quickly now and are not going through multiple committee hearings.  These bills are mostly in the Housing committee of each branch.  So your comments must be directed to the Senate or House Portal.  Also please let your elected representatives know how you stand .  They have lots of bills to worry about and these get passed without their full understanding.
If I can help please let me know
Kari Negri

Your area Senator, Robert Hertzbrg    senator.hertzberg@senate.ca.gov 
Your area Assemblymember, Adrin Nazarian    assemblymember.nazarian@assembly.ca.gov  
Housing Chair, Scott Wiener    scott.wiener@sen.ca.gov
The Assembly and Senate use same portal. Create an account and then specify which bill and it will go to right place so you can post your papers. After you look up the bill, you can also send letters to the author of the bill.