Halloween Message from LAPD



Halloween is an exciting night of the year and a special treat for young children. In the United States there will be about 41 million potential trick-or-treaters.This Halloween evening, children will be enjoying new experiences that are fun, but distracting. They will be wearing unique costumes, made of unfamiliar material, crossing dark streets, and walking to the front door of a stranger’s home to ask for candy. It is an important night for Continue reading

Fall Cleanup – Sunday, October 27

2013 Elemetary School Cleanup

State of the State


State of the State – 46th Assembly District

Please join California’s District 46 Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian for the State of the State address. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear about the status of the State, funding, programs, new and proposed initiatives, and what it means for us all. Refreshments will be provided.

Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council Board Meeting
(General meeting starts at 7:00 PM)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
7:15pm – 7:35pm

Toluca Lake Elementary
4840 Cahuenga Blvd.
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

1960s Toluca Lake Promotional Brochure

1960sBrochureLakeA blast from the past!

Brad Howard has contributed a copy of this Toluca Lake promotional brochure from the 1960s. Thirty-six pages of photos and information about Toluca Lake during a unique era.

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Parking Meter Meeting


Fight Crime in Toluca Lake

ACS Security Patrol Car Pilot Program

ACSSecurityCarWe are all aware of and concerned about the increase in crime, including violent crime, in our neighborhood. We know that it can happen here.

Our mission: To hire the equivalent of a private security force for Toluca Lake. To create a unified front, whereby most homes in Continue reading

Security Patrol Car Pilot Program

ACSSecurityCarToluca Lake Homeowners Association has entered into an understanding with ACS Security for a promotional 90 day pilot program to patrol Toluca Lake. Read our Memorandum of Understanding, Continue reading

National Night Out – Toluca Lake

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Universal City Walk Parking $2.00

AMC Citywalk$2 general parking all summer with purchase of a movie ticket.

See this summer’s biggest blockbusters and pay only $2 for movie parking through September 2nd.

Pay full General Parking price at CityWalk toll booth, then present your parking stub at the AMC box office to receive your immediate rebate for parking. Offer expires September 2, 2013 and is not valid for Valet, Front Gate or Preferred Parking.

For more information, visit

Member Discount Cards

Membership CardWe are very excited that we now can provide all our members with a discount card to a wide range of merchants within the Toluca Lake Village and the greater Toluca Lake area.

Come pick up your membership card at the annual meeting on Monday March 18, 2013 @ Honeybaked Ham.

Click here to read more about specific discounts and offers…