Board of Directors

Toluca Lake Homeowners Association

P O Box 2177                           818-308-5549
Toluca Lake, CA 91610

President Kari Negri-Donatelli President@tlhoa.org
Vice President Dana Wells Boyd VP@tlhoa.org
Secretary Leah Mangum Secretary@tlhoa.org
Treasurer Terry Herkner Treasurer@tlhoa.org
Membership Chair Terry Herkner Membership@tlhoa.org
Board Members Sol Ajalat  
  Ruby Bowen  
  Dianna Buck  
  Terry Herkner  
  Ryan Kugler  
  Jon Kirk Mukri  
  Steve Papazian  
  Chuck Reed  
  Mary Vossler  
  Karen Winchell  

Protecting and Preserving Toluca Lake

`it takes a village…   

TLHOA_boundaries_map_150The Toluca Lake Homeowner’s Association is committed to preserving a gracious, tranquil, family-friendly, safe and high standard of life for all residents of Toluca Lake. We are dedicated to protecting the unique character and “village” atmosphere that have distinguished our wonderful community since 1923. While we certainly support the continued growth and vitality of our local economy, we oppose any zone changes, variances or other similar actions that might undermine the integrity and livability of Toluca Lake and negatively impact our neighborhood.

To this end, the TLHOA is working in concert with our sister organizations (Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce, Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council), City officials, developers, architects, property owners, and other key stakeholders to ensure that our members have a voice in shaping the projects that affect the well-being of our neighborhood and that of Toluca Village.

Our collective efforts, however, are just part of the picture. As residents of Toluca Lake, your personal focus, commitment and involvement are critical in helping us safeguard our community.

TLHOABy staying informed and engaged regarding any proposed local development, you can help us preseve and maintain the quality and character of life enjoyed by the people who live and work in our great community.