Feb 13 – 57 Apartment Units proposed to be built on Cahuenga and Bloomfield

There is a proposed development of 57 apartment units. There has been a long standing “Q condition” along much of the east side of Cahuenga, which has limited the height of development to 30 feet. This development is being built under SB 1818. (https://www.citywatchla.com/index.php/los-angeles/15644-ca-s-density-bonuses-still-not-enough-to-boost-low-and-moderate-income-housing) We are being told, as such, this development can go up to 41 feet. This development will be more massive than others built in the past. The residents who live near the development are unhappy, and understandably so. Even though the developer will be providing one parking space per bedroom with two levels of subterranean parking, there is no requirement to provide guest parking. There is a concern that our already overcrowded street parking will become even more crowded. The challenge is that under SB 1818, and Transit Oriented Community (TOC) zonings, there is a move towards density bonuses with an affordable housing element, and a lower parking requirement. Under TOC zonings, the parking requirement may go down to ½ parking space per bedroom. (Note that this project is not being developed under TOC). There is a push by the City for residents to minimize the use of cars and resort to public transit.



Emma Howard, Director of Planning with Councilmember David Ryu, has kindly offered to be in Toluca Lake to discuss this development and field questions and concerns. Meeting will be Thursday, February 13 at 6:30PM at the Toluca Lake Elementary School. (4840 Cahuenga Blvd., North Hollywood)

There will be a final hearing on 2/27 with the City. Will advise time and location.

The deadline to submit a letter to be included in the case file (which the commissioners will see and hopefully consider in their vote) is Friday, February 14th. All one has to do is type a simple email stating their position and email it to the clerk whose name is Michelle Carter. In the email please state that you want the message to be included in case file #:CPC-2U19-5742 (and maybe type it in the subject line too). Her email is:  michelle.carter@lacity.org 


4366 – 4374 N. Cahuenga Blvd
10551- 10555 W. Bloomfield Street


Schaffel Development Company has built, owned and managed quality multi-family developments throughout the San Fernando valley since 1977 and has successfully completed over 100 construction projects.


Demolition of 10 existing apartments and one single family dwelling and development of a 57unit apartment complex, 41 feet in height containing 4 levels of residential over two levels of subterranean parking. 69 parking spaces and 63 bike spaces.




. . .

. . .

Allowable Density:

71 units


Proposed Density:

Unit Mix:

45 one-bedroom

12 two-bedroom

57 units


Building Height

41 Feet



4 stories



8.7% Density Bonus

Affordable Set Aside Requirement is 8 affordable units 45 one-bedroom units x 1 space = 45 spaces

12 two-bedroom units x 2 spaces = 24 spaces

Total parking provided — 69 Spaces

(For comparison, TOC required parking is 34 spaces. 0.5 per bedroom) Incentives:

•  11 additional feet in height for a total of 41 feet in lieu of 30 feet

•  20% decrease in open space for a total of 4,800 sf in lieu of 6,000 sf