Fight Crime in Toluca Lake

ACS Security Patrol Car Pilot Program

ACSSecurityCarWe are all aware of and concerned about the increase in crime, including violent crime, in our neighborhood. We know that it can happen here.

Our mission: To hire the equivalent of a private security force for Toluca Lake. To create a unified front, whereby most homes in the neighborhood have uniform security signs in the yard, a bright yellow patrol vehicle is seen in the area 24-hours/7 days a week, patrol officers know the area and what is going on here, can respond literally within minutes, and crime is driven elsewhere.

That is why Toluca Lake Homeowners Association has taken the proactive step of entering into an understanding with ACS Security, whereby we will have a dedicated patrol car for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during a 90 day promotional pilot program. While ACS is offering this important service at no charge for 90 days, in order for it to continue, residents are asked to subscribe to the service before the end of October 2013. Don’t wait for others to sign up; we urge you to do your part today. 

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To subscribe contact Eino Hill 310-903-8649 EHill@ACSSecurity.com


Why is this happening now?

A number of residents are very concerned about the recent increase in crime, including violent crime, in Toluca Lake. We are actively looking for effective ways to fight the incursion of crime into our neighborhood. In order to do so we have to work together and work smarter. For this reason the TLHOA reached out to a number of security companies.

Why ACS Security?

LAPD advises that having a 24-hour dedicated armed patrol service is the number one way to deter future criminal activity from occurring in our neighborhood. ACS is an established, locally-based company with longstanding relationships with local police and fire departments. ASC was willing to immediately place a 24-hour dedicated armed patrol vehicle to patrol exclusively within the boundaries of Toluca Lake, as set forth by the TLHOA.

What are the patrol boundaries set forth by the TLHOA?

ACS Security is currently patrolling 24/7: south of Camarillo, east of Cahuenga, west of Clybourn (north of Riverside), west of North Pass Avenue (south of Riverside), north of the River. See map…

How do we ensure that the 24/7 patrol service continues after 90 days?

In order to continue the coverage as it is now, we need to have 384 participants in Toluca Lake. If this occurs, the 24/7 patrol will continue to be dedicated exclusively within our area. For the first three months (August 1st -October 31st 2013), ACS will honor the 24-hour patrol within the boundaries. Starting November 1st, every 16 sign-ups in Toluca Lake guarantees at least one hour of patrol in Toluca Lake. Our lobbying efforts are to ensure as confined a coverage area as possible — to minimize response times and enhance security in Toluca Lake.

If 384 participants within the boundaries of Toluca Lake do not sign up to participate, ACS will continue to expand the radius of the patrol until sufficient participants sign up, diluting the coverage area and hours. 

Are the patrol officers armed?

Yes. All ACS Security officers are armed and licensed through the federal, state, and Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Each officer must renew his guard card every six months, and go through extensive background screening prior to being hired. Officers are also subject to random drug tests.

What does the armed-patrol service for Toluca Lake residents cover?

  • Alarm Response within minutes by an armed patrol officer in the area
  • Vacation Watch – mail pick up and perimeter checks upon request
  • 24/7 Direct Assistance – call for any suspicious activity
  • Escort Service – patrol officer will escort you to your door if you feel threatened or followed
  • Drive-by Patrol – your home will be added to the patrol beat and looked after

What is the monthly rate for the patrol service? 

The monthly rate per household is $40.00/month, paid quarterly to ACS.

Are households in the neighborhood who do not subscribe covered?

No. Non-subscribing households will receive the indirect benefit of greater security in Toluca Lake, without the specific benefits that come with full patrol service. Non-subscribing households will not be provided with ACS yard signs, which serve as a major deterrent to opportunistic crime and criminals in the neighborhood.

Does ACS Security also provide alarm monitoring?

Yes. ACS Security’s Central Station is located at the East Gate of Bel Air, on Sunset Blvd and Beverly Glen. They operate both alarm monitoring and patrol dispatch from the same location. Having both alarm monitoring and armed patrol services with ACS Security will decrease response times, because ACS utilizes two-way radio and dispatch immediately upon receiving the signal. Contact will then be immediately made with the home. If the customer verifies the verbal passcode and says it is a false alarm, the patrol officer can be called off. If the customer can’t be reached, an armed officer will be at the home within five minutes to do a perimeter check around the property and call LAPD for backup if necessary.

Can ACS Security monitor my existing alarm system?

Yes. ACS has the largest technician staff in Los Angeles. This matters when your system goes out and you are told by some companies that there will be a lengthy delay to fix it. ACS can monitor any existing alarm equipment, regardless of the manufacturer or the company that currently provides alarm monitoring. An ACS technician will test each zone, ensure that the system is working properly, and reprogram your system so that the phone signal goes to ACS’s Central Station.

What if I don’t have an alarm system?

ACS can provide you a quote on installation of new alarm equipment. ACS currently is offering Toluca Lake residents a starter alarm system kit at no cost.

What is the monthly rate for alarm monitoring?

ACS Security alarm monitoring starts at $35.00/month. If a homeowner currently pays less, ACS will match your rate.

Who can I contact for more information?

You can call the main office directly 310-475-9016. The main office will get you to a live dispatcher within one ring that can connect you with service, billing, sales, or emergency dispatch based on need. You can also reach out to Sr. Account Manager Eino Hill directly at 310-903-8649, or via email at ehill@acssecurity.com

Is the TLHOA contracting with ACS for these patrol services?

No. Homeowners contract directly with ACS. TLHOA is endorsing ACS’ solicitation in our community.

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