What We Do

“Private estates shake hands with milkshake-serving diners in Toluca Lake. An endearingly kitschy mix of contemporary refinement and nostalgic entertainment, this northwest LA neighborhood trades the glitz of nearby Hollywood for the good family values of the ’50s. Tucked into the San Fernando Valley, Toluca Lake’s residential streets remain quiet even when Riverside Drive buzzes as the night begins.”

Above is a fitting description from an online travel guide, as Toluca Lake remains one of the greatest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, thanks in no small part to you – the members of the Toluca Lake Homeowners Association!  

During the past 75 years, your Toluca Lake Homeowners Association has been hard at work making sure the special character of our community is protected.  Here are just a few projects on our plate:

  • We continue to work with our corporate neighbors and elected officials to address and monitor those issues of concern to our community. 
  • We continue to have an open and positive dialogue with our neighbors, NBC Universal to help them achieve their goals with the fewest negative impacts on Toluca Lake. Your TLHOA continues to represent our community on NBC-Universal’s Community Advisory Board.  
  • Our community continues to be one of the safest and lowest crime areas in Los Angeles. Our low crime numbers are the envy of many.  We have one of the strongest Neighborhood Watch programs in the City.   With regular detailed reports, we keep a strong handle on crime and crime trends in Toluca Lake.  We have a close working relationship with LAPD through our Senior Lead Officers.
  • We continue to endorse the private patrol service offered by ACS Security.  Our goal is to have maximum participation to achieve and maintain 24-hour service.   If you are not currently subscribing to ACS Security patrol service please do so coverage is better for all.
  • Beautification is a priority for us.   Maintaining, enhancing, and replacing public landscaping throughout Toluca Lake is made possible by a group of dedicated people who monitor our inventory of trees and tree conditions.  Working with our Councilmember, and Deputy Rachel Fox, we continue to address issues of City infrastructure to ensure our public spaces remain in the best possible condition.  The City of Los Angeles has improved a number of our streets in the past year.
  • The TLHOA continues to be a member of the Toluca Lake Community Partners – 501c, which works to procure and manage funds for the improvement and beautification of Toluca Lake.
  • We have implemented our Toluca Lake Good Neighbor Film Policy, which presents reasonable guidelines for location filming in Toluca Lake.   We have worked with both FilmLA and the Los Angeles Police Department who approve film permits to develop “special conditions” for filming in Toluca Lake.  You can see those conditions on the FilmLA website.  
  • We support our Sister Organizations, the Garden Club, the Toluca Lake Chamber, and GTLNC events such as Earth Day, Holiday Open House, National Night Out, and the Pancake Breakfast.
  • We maintain the Medians at Moorpark Way and Camarillo and Forman.
  • Through the Annual Toluca Lake Turkey Trot, we raise money, which goes directly to the North Hollywood LAPD PALS program. (www.NoHoPALS.com)
  • We are working with the local government to advocate for quiet skies over Toluca Lake from airplane noise.
  • We support the Garry Marshall Theatre, which is now a Nonprofit.
  • Working with neighboring HOA’s to fight egregious zoning proposals that could negatively impact our communities.

Finally, the strength of this organization is our dedicated, hardworking Officers and Board of Directors. They are longtime residents of Toluca Lake who give selflessly of their time because of their compassion for the community we live in!  

We have heard from you, and listened carefully, relating to the many issues that affect our community. We urge you to continue to do so, as your issues are our issues!  It is the goal of the Toluca Lake Homeowners Association to give a strong voice and advocate for the residents of Toluca Lake.

We hope you will continue to support us by renewing your membership for the coming year. If you are not a member or are new to the Neighborhood, we hope you will consider joining!   We are an all-volunteer organization and every dollar of your membership dues goes directly to Toluca Lake.

Kari Negri Donatelli
Toluca Lake Homeowners Association