Kitten Found – September 21st

Found near 10300 Block of Woodbridge
(If this is your kitten, or you are interested in adopting him, please let us know).

Kitten-2014-09-21A cat (kitten-maybe 6 months old) was found on the 10300 block of Whipple. We have seen the cat for a couple of days…and he has no collar and matted fur on his underside (which I was successful in combing most of it out).  We were wondering if anyone knows who he belongs to or if anyone wants to claim him as their own? He is currently in our possession, but if no one claims him or would like to adopt him, we will be taking him to our vet next week where I am sure a home will be found.

P.S. – He appears to be at least part Persian, fluffy, friendly, very sweet and purrs a lot…and although he does not seem to care about our other cats, they certainly do not care for another cat in our household…and hence why we won’t be keeping him (although my kids would love to keep him since he is so sweet, adorable and loveable).

Thank you,
Janice Eaton