North Hollywood to Pasadena BRT Project

We’re Back! Planning for the North Hollywood to Pasadena BRT Project is Moving Forward.

Metro recently kicked off a study to bring you new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) connecting the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys. We’ve been out in your community since last year gathering helpful feedback as we move the project forward. We’ve completed an Alternatives Analysis Report, which will be presented to the Metro Board of Directors on Thursday, May 23 to seek approval and begin an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the proposed Project.


What’s next? Please be on the lookout for our next e-newsletter that will include save the dates for our upcoming Public Scoping meetings currently projected in July.
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Thank you again for your participation in the North Hollywood to Pasadena BRT Project. We will keep you informed when the EIR process is ready to begin and community scoping meetings are scheduled.