Public Safety message from Captain Ramirez, LAPD North Hollywood


Good Afternoon,

Due to the current state of  civil unrest, the Department has mobilized and as a result North Hollywood officers have been redeployed to a Mobile Field Force Command Post to address the needs throughout the city.  I expect the unrest to last at least through the week and into next week.  Continue to monitor the local news media for real time updates as these incidents are very fluid and unpredictable.  

Another note is that during this mobilization period, the city will be on a Tactical Alert and will not be responding to non-priority calls for service. Please be sure to utilize online and phone reporting for criminal activity as applicable.

Businesses should take ALL measures to protect their businesses such as removing merchandise and boarding up.  Please remember to secure your property and stay safe. We are doing everything we can to restore order and keep you safe.
Thank you for your continued support.


Commanding Officer
North Hollywood Area