SB 50 has Failed – We Won!   (So far)

By a vote of 18 yes to 15 no and 6 abstaining, SB 50 failed to receive the 21 votes required to pass the Senate. SB 50 failed. 

We are very grateful to our Senator Hertzberg who stood up and passionately opposed this bill.  Most of our LA area senators also voted “no” including Henry Stern, Ben Allen, and Anthony Portantino – all from the general Valley area.  These senators understood the damage this bill would cause all of us and that SB 50 did not address the real issue of affordability. 

Thank you to all of you who took the time to write or call once, twice, or multiple times you made the difference.  Staff members of our senators have commented on the massive amounts of calls and emails they received. 

A bill for affordable housing will be introduced again this year and we hope this time it is thoughtful, intelligent, and focused on affordability instead of attacking single-family neighborhoods.  We can all win with smart legislation.  SOHA intends to remain a voice for finding a solution to affordability and opposing the destruction of single-family neighborhoods.

Together with a coalition of our sister HOA’s in Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Encino and Valley Village, (and of course many of groups), SB 50 has been defeated!

Many of you emailed and called our representatives. We are truly appreciative, as that had a big impact! However, the fight is not over as the Bill may reappear in some other shape or form. We will keep you informed.