SB 50 Defeated!

Good News for Toluca Lake Zoning Laws – SB 50 has been defeated!
It may come back at a later date in a modified form.  We will continue to keep you informed.
We appreciate all the letters of opposition from some of our Members, and the efforts of our  sister HOA’s,
including Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana and Valley Village…. all of our efforts made a difference!
Stephen Hampar


 Los Angeles – Today, Senate Bill 50 (SB 50) was shelved  by the Senate Appropriations Committee, bringing debate on the bill to an end for the year. The bill, which would have given greater zoning authority to the State government and wiped out a number of local zoning protections, was unanimously opposed by the Los Angeles City Council in April.

 “The right thing happened in the State Senate today,” Councilmember Ryu said. “There’s no doubt that our State faces a major housing shortage, but draconian steps like SB 50 are the wrong way to go. You don’t solve this crisis by stomping out community input and excluding people from planning their own neighborhood, and you certainly don’t solve it without much more affordable housing.”

 “Solving this housing crisis will take hard choices, but they are choices we should be making together. Last year, Los Angeles built more units of housing than any other City in California. If Sacramento lawmakers want to find real solutions to this crisis, they should be looking to Los Angeles, not trying to ignore or overrule us.”