The Toluca Lake Discount Program

What is the Discount Program,
how does it work?

Members of the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce offer Discounts to other members of the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce and to members of the Toluca Lake Homeowners Association. These discounts are listed here. Members can download the Phone App which will display their current membership status and eligibility for discounts.

How do I ask a merchant for a discount?

Install the Toluca Lake App on your phone.  Enter your App Password in the app. Your current membership status will be displayed. Show this to participating merchants. Read more about the Toluca Lake App here.

Where do I get the Toluca Lake App?

The Toluca Lake App displays your membership status. The App is available for Android and Apple phones.
        Android Play Store
        Apple App Store

Where is the list of available discounts?