Toluca Lake Neighborhood Watch

NWsignAs you may have heard, recently there has been a rash of burglaries throughout the Valley, 13 of which occurred in Toluca Lake over a short period of time. The LAPD has made arrests of several suspects associated with a burglary ring, and since then, things have settled down.

Message from Senior Lead Officer Barbara Galicia…

“Dear Neighbors, As you may have been aware, there was an increase of burglaries in the past few weeks. Immediately, LAPD placed resources, such as patrol, plain clothes officers and other police resources. During the investigation, there were a few arrests in which property was recovered from Toluca Lake and the North Hollywood area. These arrests were linked to a South Central gang in which firearms were found in their possession. This investigation is ongoing as more arrests are expected. Detectives have contacted the victims whose property they recovered. One of the keys to solving the crimes was video evidence of the suspects. This evidence came from citizens who had camera systems in their homes. I encourage anyone who has the means, to install camera systems or upgrade their current system. It is through hard evidence, like camera footage that we can solve many of the crimes. This proactive measure and citizens working with the police will help us with future crime prevention and enforcement in your neighborhood.”

Toluca Lake has a strong Neighborhood Watch Program. It operates under the direction of the GTLNC Public Safety Committee, however the TLHOA works closely with the program. If you are not currently receiving emails from a Neighborhood Watch Captain for your street, and want to be informed and part of the program, please reply to president@tlhoa.org and we will put you in touch with the Watch Captain for your street. The Neighborhood Watch program is stronger when we are all involved!