UPDATE: From the City Attorney’s office

One month ago, we shared the hopeful news with you that LA City Attorney Mike Feuer had issued a cease and desist demand letter to the FAA, requiring that the illegal and devastating new flight paths out of BUR over our communities halt immediately.

To date, not only has the FAA NOT complied with the cease and desist demand — they have not even replied to the City Attorney’s letter.

While we are not surprised by the FAA’s arrogance and disregard for public health and safety, we are nevertheless angry at once again being ignored. Our strong belief is that the City of LA must take the next step and file a lawsuit against the FAA to halt this nonstop assault on our communities.We are in communication with the City Attorney’s office, who asked that we share this update:

“Please let the community know that our FAA team of lawyers is working overtime on strategizing the next steps that will be the most expedient, efficient and effective way to end the onslaught you and your neighbors are suffering.”

We THANK Mike Feuer’s office for their steadfast action to protect LA citizens and for highlighting what we all know is true: the FAA CONCEDED the path has moved SOUTH of the tracks previously established without public notice, comment or review. We respectfully plead with them to take the next necessary step: strong legal action against the FAA. As noted by Mr. Feuer, the FAA is OBLIGATED to use pre-Metroplex departure procedures, as the ones currently being flown over our NEW COMMUNITY are against their own policy and have never been studied.

UproarLA will continue working closely with our local representatives, our attorney, the media, the city of LA and all key stakeholders to fight FAA corruption. We are grateful for the support of the City, and we truly THANK YOU ALL for continuing to join us in standing up against the FAA and Burbank Airport.

We will continue to update you as events unfold.