Vote against SB 902, SB 1120, AB 725 and AB 3040

If you do nothing else today, please, PLEASE, PLEASE contact our Senator and Assemblymember:

Senator.hertzberg@senate.ca.gov                                        916-651-4018

Assemblymember.nazarian@assembly.ca.gov                     916-319-2046

About the following bills.  A phone call will suffice.

Our Single-Family Neighborhoods Are on The Chopping Block


Senate Bills 902 & 1120 and Assembly Bills 725 & 3040 will end single-family neighborhoods.

Most senators and assembly members are supporting these bills!

SB 902 and SB 1120 will allow 10-unit apartments built in every neighborhood and all single-family lots to be split in half, to build multiple housing units on each half.

AB 725 and AB 3040 will mandate that single-family neighborhoods be identified as locations for multi-family development and allow four dwellings built where one home stands now. In most cases, these changes are “by right” (meaning no community input) and no affordable units are required. In case you’re wondering: No communities are exempt — not gated, not hillside, not working-class or middle-class communities. These bills increase land speculation, gentrification, and displacement of vulnerable communities.

Join our coalition of diverse neighborhood groups from South LA, South Bay, the San Fernando Valley, Wilshire District, Venice, Calabasas, Altadena, Brentwood and Sunland-Tujunga and beyond to fight these bills.

On August 10th , we need to act together!

On August 10 th , each of us must send an email to our state senator and state assembly member urging them to stand up for single-family neighborhoods and vote NO on
SB 902, SB 1120, AB 725 and AB 3040 .

Please vote against SB 902, SB 1120, AB 725 and AB 3040. These laws, rushing toward approval in Sacramento in August, would allow: 10-unit luxury apartment buildings in every neighborhood; single-family lots split in half to build multiple housing units on each half; and four dwellings on single-family lots. Most allow destruction of stable existing housing — to build more expensive housing.

Your senator and assembly member are listed below:
Senator.hertzberg@senate.ca.gov    916-651-4018
Assemblymember.nazarian@assembly.ca.gov    916-319-2046

Join Us August 15th for South LA’s Virtual Town Hall on SB 1120
Call 669-900-9128
Meeting ID 823 264 9979
assword 1121