We are about to lose our Single-Family Neighborhoods

Our state senators and assemblymembers are rushing through housing bills that will end single-family neighborhoods forever – without our input.

This Nightmare Is Worse Than Last Year’s SB 50 Legislation

  • Senate Bill 902 (SB 902) allows 10-unit apartment buildings in single-family neighborhoods – next door to you – without any community input.

  • SB 1085 removes environmental protections and public hearing requirements so that we cannot challenge bigger buildings in our communities.
  • SB 1120 approves splitting any lot in half and each half-lot can have a duplex and two small, rental houses (ADU) – 8 separate units, more people with no parking required. 
  • SB 899 allows schools and churches to build three-story apartments on singlefamily-zoned properties that they own – and these institutions own many.
  • AB 725 allows apartments in single-family neighborhoods without recourse.

Every community in the State will be horribly impacted – including hillside, gated, and minority communities. Any house for sale can become your nightmare.

We support more housing, but only on commercial corridors, publicly owned land, and numerous unused big box retail spaces. These alone would fill all California housing needs.

What Must We Do?

Contact Your Senator and Assemblymember Now!

Email or call your senator and assemblymember now! They are supporting this legislation. Also, email or call Senator Portantino whose Appropriations Committee is currently analyzing these bills. His committee can stop these bills.

Tell them these bills will have horrible fiscal impacts on our communities. Tell them we will bear the huge infrastructure improvement costs for the water, power, schools, police, and fire for our communities. Tell them we found better places to add housing.

Senator.hertzberg@senate.ca.gov     (818) 901-5588

Assemblymember.nazarian@assembly.ca.gov     (818) 376-4246

Senator.portantino@senate.ca.gov     (818) 409-0400

We Will Lose This Fight If We Don’t Act Now!