Toluca Lake Zebra tee Supports the North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry

All proceeds of this Limited Edition Zebra T-Shirt & mug to benefit the NHIFP.

Toluca Lake Zebra lovers can rejoice. The North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry has teamed up with designer Mitchell Bernal for a limited edition T-shirt & mug, with all proceeds benefiting the all volunteer pantry’s efforts to feed the community. Tee available in 5 colors until 10/20/20.

Bernal, former Disney artist and creator of Skelanimals, shed some light on the meaning behind the zebra caricature.

“The zebra combines elements of color that work cohesively together to create this beautiful and elegant creature,” Bernal said. “By all of us working together as one to help each other, we too can be part of something beautiful and elegant in our world.”

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